Supporting people can be one of the keys to build a more eco-responsible society. Following our development, LaSource is providing comfort for areas without life quality. Refrigerated areas manage with a simple process, environmental energy providing full autonomy, spaces for economical activities, access to internet via computers available or wi-fi in the area, LaSource is an oasis of services.
Comfort - Energy - Health, these are the themes around LaSource , an oasis of essential services. By creating this concept, we provide an answer for disadvantaged populations. Villages in remote areas, region with disasters, or facing other challenge for temporary or permanent context, we can provide LaSource as a first step. We understand the needs of many communities and we innovate with a sustainable solution, LaSource .
w e d e v e l o p a n d s e l l s o l u t i o n s f o r t e r r i t o r i e s i n d e v e l o p m e n t
we provide amenities for the population
solutions for disadvantaged territories
c o m e a n d v i s i t u s
w e a r e w h a t w e s h a r e
Our company is committed to help populations. We are developing solutions for disadvantaged communities as a first step to improve life quality of these populations. We are providing solutions with sustainability, values, growth, improving life quality and comfort. Social responsabilities is part of our culture as a company, but we can do more. We try to share our life experience as a team to innovate and create strong answer to population who need it. Our group of company will continu to develop and propose solutions at a low cost, with higher standards. All need chances, let’s try to offer chances with a new departure of prosperity, health, ideas and projects.
the first answer for disadvantaged territories
Office : PWG - Europe SL office and factory Alicante - Spain For any inquiry, please contact us, we will reply shorthly :
we produce energy to provide services
we implement small clinic and health care
We install on our buildings one of the best photovoltaic solution in the world. Initially owned and developed by AcelorMittal, the system is replacing the roof and it have many advantages : sustainability, lock and secure to prevent robbery. The product is now part of our group of companies and most importantly, it provide free electricity and all the services in the area.
Connected health is the future of healthcare and the technological innovation market. We propose a clinic with a minimum of support and with services for the population. We understand that all specialists cannot be established in these clinics, but with eventually the setup of an international hub, we can connect them with all the support to insure the life quality and health of the population.
equipments provided
78 m 3 of refrigerated areas with rackings energy autonomy internet, computers, wi-fi offices for rent market kiosk for rent clinic with more than 160 m 2 restaurant with equipments ecological toilet lunch and living spaces fully secured
Small unit
ground floor only
The Small and Large units are build from steel and concrete materials. All components are designed and produced using the Euro-code, with high standard processes. All units are delivered fully assemble with all furnitures, equipments and ready to operate. We even provide training on a small maintenance and operational team. We provide a turnkey solution.
Large unit
ground + 1 floor
equipments provided
130 m 3 of refrigerated areas energy autonomy internet, computers, wi-fi offices for rent community room (class, religion activities, celebrations) market kiosk for rent clinic with more than 400 m 2 restaurant with equipments ecological toilet lunch and living spaces fully secured
second floor clinic
community room of 200 m 2
extra room and offices
market kiosk
The project
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