We provide structure and cladding for contractors and home builders in Europe. We deliver in Spain and France. Our steel capability allow us to produce profiles from 75 to 250 mm and from 0,6 to 2 mm tickness. We can provide for houses any type and we can reach G+3 apartments units. Our concrete panels are attached to our steel structure to provide a concrete wall cladding. The panels are 800 x 300 x 25 mm. For a house bellow 200 sqm, it can be delivered in 1 week time of production, after design and approval. Our technical team and installation team can support all kind of projects and designs.
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we produce electricity safe for the environment
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we industrialized the construction activity
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Our product is one of the best product available in the market. Solar panels, green units, energy storage by compressed air, waste treatment by pyrolysis are some developments done in the past years. The solar panels as a roof system are easy to install without any cables and waterproof to replace the roof. We have capacity to produce 100,000 units per year per factory. We can provide licence to produce and install in many countries, or resell our system using resellers and installators certified.
We have the knowhow to reach 1000 houses per month in capacity. The only answer for countries in development having deficit of houses is coming from an industrial expertise background. The implementation will take from 6 months to 2 years to reach full capacity. We use labors from the countries where we have the projects and we have enormous impact with employment. Many indirect employment and local subcontractors have positive impact from our projects. We also provide international procurement. Ministries, local groups or authorities are our customers.
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Our company believe that the future belongs to those corporations having a well-defined strategic vision anchored in strong core values. These principles guide our team in all decisions and developments. The relationship and synergy that we are continuously building is important and we want to offer the best for all. Our successful approach make us unique and offering the best solutions in the market.
PWG is providing the following : quotation in 48 hours for components a durable solution a low cost solution a solution following european standard a turn-key solution a solution with precision a quick delivery option a team with expertise worldwide
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200,000 number of new constructions per year for our 2 targeted countries in Europe 2 targeted countries having the highest amount of tourism investing in Europe 2,000,000 average deficit of houses per countries targeted outside of Europe 200,000 average annual deficit of houses per countries targeted outside of Europe 20 percent and above, lower price for houses or components
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